What You Should Know Before Hiring A Pest Control Company

Anytime you hire a company to come into your home you should do some research first. You want to make sure the company you hire is qualified, reputable and knowledgeable. At American Pest Control, we want you to be assured that you are making the right choice so we have done the leg work for you! Below is a list of 12 things to consider before hiring a pest control professional and how American Pest Control stacks up.

1.) The technician should be certified and provide identification.

  • All American Pest Control technicians are certified by the state and carry their certification cards as well as name badges. We participate in weekly and monthly training sessions to keep our certifications valid.

2.) The company should be trustworthy.


  • American Pest Control is a locally owned business that has been operating in the area for 43 years. We are bonded and insured. Please visit our website, http://www.ampest.com, to learn more.

3.) The technician should be knowledgeable.

  • Since our technicians participate in weekly training meetings, they are very knowledgeable about many different pests and treatment procedures. If a technician is unsure about a particular issue our service manager makes himself available at all times for a technician to call and get a second opinion. Furthermore, service managers routinely make trips with technicians to offer their expertise.

4.) The technician should look professional.

Doug Craft 1

  • Our technicians all wear company uniforms and drive company trucks. They are easy to identify and always look professional. When you make an appointment through the office you will receive and appointment confirmation email with a picture of your technician, so you know exactly who to expect.

5.) You should get referrals for a pest control company before hiring them.


  • American Pest Control is a member of the Better Business Bureau as well as the National Pest Management Association. We are also QualityPro certified. QualityPro companies are a distinguished group that continue to act as leaders and pioneers to better serve consumers across the country. Don’t forget to ask your family and friends, chances are we provide service for someone you know! We have reviews on our website from satisfied customers such as:

“Thanks so much for the great customer service. We’ve enjoyed our yard more this summer than in the last 10 years!”

“Excellent customer service. Wesley, our exterminator, was friendly and always arrived at the exact scheduled time. We never had a bug problem after hiring them. The office staff and manager, John, were very nice and quickly resolved an issue. I highly recommend them.”

“I’ve got to tell you that my three year old has been talking about how “Mr. Pete” is going to come back and spray all the bugs away. So cute! Thanks for a good experience.”

6.) Quality is more important than price.

  • American Pest Control offers competitive pricing and high quality service. Remember that the lowest price is not always the best deal. We guarantee our quarterly pest control service and offer lifetime warranties on termite bonds.

7.) Make sure that you understand the contract.

  • American Pest Control offers quarterly service or one-time services for general pest control. Be sure to discuss what type of service you need with your technician and go over the contract with them. The technician will offer advise based on what type of problem you have and the treatment necessary.

8.) Discuss the service before signing.

Picture 026

  • Before you sign a contract, your American Pest Control technician will do a thorough inspection of your home. He will then talk to you about the issue and advised treatment.

9.) Be aware of the products being used in your home.

  • American Pest Control has Material Data Safety Sheets readily available in office for any customers who requests them. Your technician will email you a copy of the work order when your service is complete and the type of product he used will be listed. The technician will also be happy to talk with you in person about any concerns you may have.

10.) Make sure you receive a service report.

Picture 020

  • All American Pest Control technicians use the latest technology in the field and have both iPads and travel printers with them. They can either email you a copy of your service report or print out a hard copy for your convenience.

11.) Receive recommendation for future service.

  • During the inspection of your home, the American Pest Control technician will make you aware of any issues that he recognizes. He will recommend treatment or suggest a follow-up plan. Integrated pest management is a new policy in the pest management industry that allows for a more effective and environmentally friendly pest control regimen without relying completely on traditional pesticides. By first inspecting, then identifying the problem, our technicians are more equipped to understand and treat every client’s home.

12.) Look for guaranteed service.

  • American Pest Control’s Quarterly Pest Management is a guaranteed service. If you have issues in between your quarterly visits we will come back at no charge to you and complete an extra treatment. Simply call the office and request an extra service and the customer service representative will schedule it with you for your convenience.

Learn more about American Pest Control by viewing our video.


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