Prevent Unwanted Holiday Guests

During the holiday season many people have guests coming to visit. This is not the time of year that you want to be dealing with mice in your home! Luckily, Christmas is the perfect time to use natural methods of repelling mice, since some of the things that are synonymous with Christmas are unpleasant smelling to rodents!


Mice do not like the smell of freshly cut Christmas trees. So if you want to repel rodents, make it a family tradition to go cut a fresh Christmas tree rather than putting up an artificial one. You can also make or purchase wreaths and garland using fresh cut limbs. When decorating the tree be sure not to use any food items, such as popcorn garland, that could attract mice and other pests.


Peppermint oil is also a natural repellent of rodents. To be effective, the scent needs to be fairly strong, but since peppermint is a wonderful Christmas smell it will make you home even more festive! Just take 100% peppermint oil and soak cottonballs with 5 drops each. You can then place those cotton balls in corners and cabinets where mice like to enter or hide.

Don’t forget when you venture up to the attic to grab the Christmas decoration to check for signs of mice or other pests. Check for droppings, entry points, urine spots and nests. If you see any problems, call your pest control company to take care of it. A severe problem or infestation will require more attention than natural repellents.




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