APC Presents: Bear on the Stair – Ideas for your Elf on the Shelf

American Pest Control’s Bear on the Stair has made his 2nd annual appearance! He is our office version of Elf on the Shelf and he brings joy and Christmas cheer to all! We have had a great time coming up with new things for him to get into and we wanted to share it with our readers to help out busy parents who are trying to think of ideas for Elf on the Shelf. All of the scenes we set up for Bear on the Stair were made with items that you already have around the house or $1 items from the Dollar Tree.

The Parade:

Grab your child’s toy truck (or tractor, dump truck, car, etc.) and sit the elf in the back. We made this road out of black construction paper and yellow foam. Give the elf some candy to throw and voila! He’s in a Christmas parade! If you are feeling ambitious you can create a whole parade line-up with other toy cars and dolls or action figures.

Fine Dining:


Looks like the Bear is rewarding himself for all of his hard work! You can set your elf up for a fine dining experience by making a small table out of paper and cardboard, or just use a doll table if you have one at home. We used a paper napkin for the tablecloth. The bowl is a paper funnel and the spaghetti is shredded yellow paper with red paint on top!

The Date:

Only have one elf? Don’t worry, we only have one bear! Ms. Bear is just Mr. Bear in disguise! We created a wig out of yellow foam and gave her a small purse! This can be a 2 part idea if you only have one elf. The first day you can set up Mr. Elf with googly eyes and a flower, maybe even write a love letter explaining that Ms. Elf is coming to visit. The next day you can have Ms. Elf waiting to surprise the child!

The Poker Game:

Poker Game 2

This one is the most involved set-up! We created a poker table out of construction paper and made miniature cards. We used plastic gold medals with the ribbons cut off for the chips. Just grab some small stuffed animals, dolls or action figures and set up your poker game!

Getting Crafty:

Grow a Tree

Grab any type of Christmas craft at the dollar store or at a craft store. Make sure you get 2! Overnight, have the elf do one of the crafts and then the next day your child can make their own!

Fish Food:

Frog Candy

That sneaky bear is trying to give Lilly, the office frog, candy canes! If you have a fish, frog, hamster etc. you can pose the elf trying to give them Christmas candy!

Elfy Bear:


Poor Bear on the Stair, he is trying to blend in as an elf! You can recreate this with your elf by dressing him up in whatever your have lying around! Barbie or doll clothes, superhero capes, etc.

But First, a Selfie:


We just happened to have this sign in our office, but you can easily make a selfie sign! Just set your elf up with your cell phone and your kids can catch him trying to take a selfie! To make it even more fun, take a few “selfies” of the elf so that when the kids check your phone it will look like the elf really took the pictures!

Rock star:

Rock Star

Bear on the Stair is rocking out! We already had this tiny guitar because they were attached to a pair of sunglasses that we found at a party store. To make things easier, you could just print out a picture of a guitar for your elf to hold. We put baby sunglasses on him and made a stage out of an upside down box. The backdrop is just some sequined fabric we hung up and some cake decor skewers.

Football Fan:


Set up this fun game for the football fan in your life! We made the scoreboard and bleachers out of paper and used cupcake toppers for his signs!

Movie Night:


For an easy one, set your elf up with some popcorn watching your child’s favorite movie!

Nosy Bear:

Closet looking for presents

We set Bear on the Stair up with a headlamp and he is laying on the floor looking in the closet for Christmas presents! That is one sneaky bear!

Naughty or Nice:

Naughty and Nice List

He’s making his list to report back to Santa! Set your elf up with a naughty and nice list. Make sure to add friends, family members and even pets to the list for fun!

Mini Me:


Bear on the Stair has a baby bear! If you can find a miniature elf, this is a fun surprise!

If you have trouble remembering to move the elf, you can download the app “Elf Reminder” and it will send you a daily alarm to remind you to move it. Whatever you do, just have fun with it and remember that it is all about the magic of the season! If you use our ideas or if you have other fun ideas, we would love to see them! Post your pictures to Facebook and tag American Pest Control! Our favorite one will win a very special prize from APC!


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