Getting Crafty Part II

For our second craft tutorial, we are featuring a slightly more advanced craft. We saw this adorable Peanuts light bulb ornament on Pinterest and decided to try our hand at creating it!

First you will need to gather the following supplies:

1. Supplies

Tape off the silver part of the bulbs. Take an empty cardboard box and draw 2 Xs on a sturdy side. Use scissors or a razor blade to cut the x then push in the sides with your finger to make a holder for the light bulbs to sit in as they are being painted and drying. Paint one bulb peach and one bulb white. You will need 2 coats on each one.


While the first coat is drying cut a square of red felt about 4×4 inches.
Round off one side of the square with your scissors and put glue on one side of the rounded triangle. Hot glue will probably have the strongest hold but we used rubber cement for this kid friendly project and it held just fine. Wrap the other side of the felt around and press to glue. You may need to trim the bottom of the cone to even it up at this point. Cut the top of the cone so that there is a small hole in each. Use white felt, a cotton ball, pompoms, etc. to make the white trim. We got creative and used gauze since it was what we had on hand. Cut off about 1 ft of floral wire, wrap it twice around the silver part of the bulb and twist it to secure. Twist all the way up and leave the rest of the wire sticking straight up from bulb. Do this to both bulbs. Slide hats over wire through hole in top and glue on pom pom at top. Do not glue around the bottom of the hat yet.


Fold a small section of black felt in half and cut out snoopy ear shapes (tear drop shapes flat at top). You can use chalk to outline shape onto felt if you don’t want to freehand it with scissors. Glue snoopy ears on either side under the hat. Use black paint and a small brush to paint on simple faces. Hang on ornaments on the tree for everyone to admire!



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