Meet Our New Manager

Wesley Patton 2

American Pest Control is proud to introduce the newest service manager in the Athens office, Wesley Patton. Wesley has been at APC since August of 2010. Many of you may know him as your knowledgeable, dependable pest control technician. While his customers will miss seeing him on a regular basis, we are confident that all of our customers will enjoy working with him as a service manager! Wesley will officially become manager in March, so we at APC wanted to give our customers who may not know him a chance to see what Wesley is all about!

Wesley was born and raised in Oglethorpe county, where he still resides. He and his wife, Courtney, have two sons. His hobbies include playing darts in a dart league and building handmade corn hole boards. Wesley is the star of many of our promotional and training videos, which can be found on our youtube page. Another fun fact: Wesley was voted by his peers as the funniest technician at American Pest Control. He always makes everyone laugh around the office!

Wesley may 2012

Wesley’s service philosophy is authenticity. He believes that as a service provider, being honest and authentic with each customer is the best policy. It is important to Wesley that customers get to know him as a person, not just a service provider.

“It’s not just for the company, it’s also for yourself. You want to show your customers how you really are as a person and that you aren’t someone different at work than you are if you see them out somewhere.” – Wesley Patton

Wesley January 2014 Month End Meeting 010.jpg

 Q&A with Wesley Patton:

What was your childhood nickname?

Cotton top. I never knew why though.

Do you have any strange phobias?

I don’t like to watch people do anything with their eyes, such as taking contacts out.

What are three things on your bucket list?

Learn to fly a helicopter, vacation in Hawaii, retire

Why do you enjoy living in this area?

I enjoy living near my family. Most of the residents in this area are friendly and inviting, unlike in other regions of the U.S. where I have lived before.

What would you consider to be your greatest achievement?

Building a house and having a great wife and children. Also the fact that I was able to stay married throughout the building process!

What is the most exciting thing about becoming a manager?

Being able to help guys in the field and learning how the other side of the business works.

What will you miss the most about being on a route?

All the customers I’ve gotten to know on a personal level and the way they treat me as a person, not just a bug man.

Wesley Oct 2013
Congratulations Wesley! We are proud of you and excited for the future!

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