Athens Home and Garden Show Preview

home and garden last year
Our booth at the Home and Garden Show last year

The Athens Home and Garden Show is something we look forward to each year! It is a great time to talk to our customers and meet potential new customers. We also enjoy having raffles and giving prizes away! You may recognize the booth in the picture above because we have used this set up for the past 4 years. We are excited to announce that this year we are shaking things up with a brand new booth!

In light of the upcoming Oscars ceremony, our booth will be red carpet themed! Visitors will be able to walk our red carpet and have their picture taken by the paparazzi in front of the American Pest Control backdrop. We will even have photo booth props for your entertainment! Your picture will be posted on our social media pages so that you can find them and tag yourself.

home and garden props

While you hang out on the red carpet you can enjoy some freshly made popcorn and enter the raffle to win a candy “cake” and other APC goodies. Marissa and Courtney had so much fun creating this fun and unique raffle prize!

We even had a graphic designer create these custom movie posters. The APC version of Oscar nominated films:

Furry RoadBig roachThe Martian

Bridge of Spiders
Illustrations by Clay Chastain

Get the VIP experience with American Pest Control! Visit our red carpet at the Athens Home and Garden Show this weekend, February 20-21. We can’t wait to see you there!


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