Ants vs.Termites

Spring is rapidly approaching and bringing with it a host of pest issues! One of the most concerning pests for the Southern region is termites: the most dreaded house guest of them all. After a warm and wet winter, we are preparing for an influx of termite activity early this Spring. 44-Termite-E-Subterranean-Termite-

Termites are social insects that live in a nest or colony which contains three castes: reproductives, workers, and soldiers. One form of a reproductive is a swarmer, the winged adults that fly away to form their own colony. These swarmers are often confused with flying ants, but there are a few distinct differences that you can use to identify them. Swarming termites have straight antennae, a broad waist, and wings equal in size. In contrast, flying ants have elbowed antennae, a jointed waist, and unequal wings. 

If you find these swarmers in your home, it is likely an indication that there is a colony nearby. Often times, you may find the dead swarmers or just the wings near a source of light, such as a window sill. Snap a photo of the insect or wings and send to to have an expert at American Pest Control identify them for you. American Pest Control provides free estimates for your peace of mind!



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