10 Things Your Pest Control Technician Really Wants You to Know

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#1. You can help us help you! If you take the suggestions made to you regarding the maintenance of your home following our visit, you will see quicker results. These suggestions may include things like removing debris, vacuuming on a specific schedule or correcting a moisture issue, such as plumbing or drainage problems.

#2. If you are not home when we arrive for your regularly scheduled visit, we will just complete the outside perimeter service. We will gladly return for the inside service at a time that is convenient for you! Just call in to the office to schedule.

#3. With that being said, it is easier for you as well as us if we can take care of everything at once. To help make this possible, American Pest Control has multiple appointment notification options for you to choose from. When you speak with your customer service representative, please let them know the best way to inform you of upcoming appointments. We offer reminder phone calls a week in advance, emails a week in advance or a text message reminder a week before your scheduled service.

#4. We love to hear feedback from our customers! If you have questions while we are at your home, feel free to ask! Seriously, we have weekly training meetings and we are dying to share our knowledge with you! If you are having specific problems, please let us know. If you have a problem in between services, call the office to schedule a complimentary extra service.

#5. We also love referrals, and you will too! For every referral that signs up for service the new customer and the customer that referred them will receive a $20 credit towards their next service. We like to call them “Bug Bucks”, but you can just call it money in the bank.

#6. American Pest Control technicians have the most up-to-date technology in the field and can take payments in all forms. So if you don’t carry cash or checks, it’s no problem! Your technician can run your credit or debit card on his iPad!

#7. If you are a brand new customer you will receive an emailed appointment confirmation before your service. Following the service you will receive a survey. It helps us out more than you know when we receive these surveys back following an initial visit. It is important to us that we know how we did and what areas in which we could improve! Not to mention, our manager will see it and that’s always a good thing when we do a great job!

#8. On a similar note, please leave reviews for us on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. In the office we refer to great reviews as “pestimonials.” Please, don’t judge us… we are cheesy like that!

#9. We offer more than just standard pest control! That’s right, we’re all that AND a bag of chips! In addition to quarterly pest control and termite warranties we offer quarterly fire ant management and monthly mosquito reduction services. These can be added onto your account at a reduced price if you already have a service with us. We also have a wildlife department that can remove larger pests from your home and do exclusion work to keep them out.

#10. We want you to take us with you! If you are planning a move, don’t leave us behind! We service most of North Georgia and parts of South Carolina. If you are moving within our service area we can transfer your pest control service and there will be no gap in your coverage.

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