Customer Service Week 2017

banner2017_23" x 6'_v2American Pest Control is celebrating Customer Service Week! This is an important week for us every year. We take this opportunity to thank our customers and recognize our employees. This year, the national theme is Building Trust, so we’re focusing on how we can build trust internally, with our customers, and throughout our communities with different themes and activities each day throughout the week.

This is a long-standing tradition for American Pest Control because we see the value in quality customer service every day, so it’s important to us to take time out to remember why it’s one of our core missions. Since the very beginning, customer service has been a top priority. Mr. Gene Higginbotham, who founded American Pest Control in 1971, believed being honest with customers was the only way to do business. Since then, his family and employees have held strong to that commitment.

A photo of our home office from the 1980’s.

While customer service week is our ‘spirit week’ to have fun and dress up, at its core we use it as a great reminder of what customer service week means to us all year long. This year our themes and activities are:

  • ‘Merica Monday: We’ll be decked out in our best red, white and blue. Our activity is building trust through exemplary customer service! We’ll be recognizing each other by calling out a coworker who has demonstrated great customer service.
  • Team Tuesday: We’re showing our team spirit by decking out in your favorite team’s gear! Our activity is building trust by building each other up! We’ll be writing three positives about a coworker for an activity at our get together later in the week.
  • Passion Project Wednesday: We’ll be talking about community service and representing our favorite organizations. Our activity is building trust by serving our communities! We’ll be sharing on social media to let our friends know what customer service week is and how we’re celebrating building trust through community service on this day.
  • Woke Up Like This Thurday: We’ll be sporting our pajamas for a comfy day! Breakfast will be served so our employees can relax and chow down in theircoziest PJs. This is a special day to recognize all of our employees who work hard to serve their customers both in the office and in the field. Our activity will be about building trust by building our teams! During our continuing education training meeting, we’ll work within our local teams to create a video describing what customer service means to us and how we live out APC’s customer service goals every day.
  • Black Out Friday: We’ll be dressed for success for a professional development opportunity. Our activity is a professional photo shoot for employees to use on their LinkedIn profiles or elsewhere to build professional connections. Building trust starts with first impressions! This is our favorite day because our whole team gets together to learn more about how we can continue to improve our customer service!
    The University of Georgia cheerleaders visited the Athens office for Team Tuesday this year!

    We hope you’ll join us in thanking our technicians and office customer service representatives who work hard all year to provide quality service! Join us on our social media pages for an inside look at our fun celebration!

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