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Selling Your Home? 4 Things You Need to Know

Selling your home_

2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year for home buyers and sellers. Supply is finally catching up with demand, millennials are coming into the home buyer years, and according to, Southern homes are “selling like crazy” (Southern cities are predicted to beat the national average when it comes to home sales growth in 2018).   With all these exciting predictions, you may be thinking about jumping in and selling your home! Below we compiled a list of the top four things you need to know when it comes to termite protection and having your home under warranty.

  1. Wood Infestation Reports are required to get a VA loan and most mortgages. Also known as a “termite letter” or “clearance letter”, these letters confirm an inspection, with documentation, has been performed for termites, damages and other wood destroying organisms before a buyer can purchase the home. These letters can only be issued by a licenses pest control professional. Click here to learn more about these reports or to schedule an inspection.
  2. If you have your home under a termite warranty, transferring to the new homeowner is FREE with American Pest Control. That’s right, it’s a transferable warranty, free of charge. So, by keeping up the warranty on your home, when you are ready to sell this instantly adds value to your home. A buyer can rest assured that an annual inspection has been done by professionals to insure no active termites are present.
  3. If you are actively selling your home and your annual warranty comes due, you can negotiate to have this cost taken out of closing.  Sometimes the home selling and buying process can take more time than expected. If your warranty comes due, you can pay the warranty amount and ask that it be taken out at closing, by the closing attorney. That way, you are keeping the warranty up-to-date, and the new homeowner is able to take on the warranty responsibly for the upcoming year. Win win.
  4. Most home owner insurance policies do not cover termite damage. Termite damage causes homeowners more than 5 billion in property damages every year. Especially in the south where we have conditions that are favorable to termites and other wood destroying organisms, it’s imperative to keep your home protected. By keeping a termite warranty on your home, when you do get ready to sell, you have an added warranty that insures the structural integrity of your home.

If you have not scheduled your FREE inspection, visit our contact page to get started. Don’t leave your investments unprotected.

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