Mosquitoes…Georgia’s Next State Bird

Ah, the dreaded pest of summertime…mosquitoes. The state of Georgia is home to over 50 species of mosquitoes according to the Georgia Mosquito Control Association. So, residents in our region are all too familiar with the unpleasantness they bring to summertime outdoor activities.


Some of the various species thrive in damp, dark places, especially near bodies of water.  This means the plant pots in your kitchen garden, the pond near your home, or even a garbage heap lying nearby are all potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes. A birdbath or a damp children’s pool are enough to breed a horde of mosquitoes in just a couple of days. Since mosquito populations are sure to increase in the near future, we encourage everyone to inspect your yard for potential breeding sites, use mosquito repellent, and employ mosquito reduction services. mosquito-larvae

Dirofilaria immitis, the dog heart-worm is parasitic roundworm that can be spread through mosquito bites. Heartworms are a life threatening disease for canines. It is important to get a mosquito treatment system for many reasons, but is also economical as the only way to control the infection in canines is to continually invest in injections and pills. It is always better to prevent than to cure.

American Pest Control offers Mosquito Reduction Management, a service that can drastically reduce the mosquito population in your yard, making your home a safer place to live and play.

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