Squirrels for the Holidays

It is that time of the year again. The Holidays. That means it’s time for Pumpkin Pie and Apple Cider, as well as warm sweaters and out of town guests. However, your great aunt Martha may not be the only guest you have this season.


Winter is a prime breeding season for squirrels. Most species of squirrels are going to make their nests in hollowed out tree holes and among tree branches. Your attic, however would make a perfectly suitable place for the squirrels to breed. Baby squirrels, or kits, usually come in litters of from 2 all the way up to 8. Kits are born blind and will be completely dependent on their mothers for about 3 months. Once they are ready to branch out, (See what I did there) they usually make their own nest within 2 miles of their home.




Although you may first notice a squirrel because of the noise it makes, the noise is the least of your concern. Their main danger is the potential for causing flooding and fires by chewing on wires and pipes. So how do you keep your home safe from squirrel invaders? Exclusion is key. An American Pest Control Wildlife Specialist can get your house locked down for the winter. Squirrels will usually find their way in through existing entry points. Vents with missing screens, gaps in the roof line and chimneys can all allow a squirrel access to your home.  A specialist can seal all of that up and prevent your home from becoming the maternity ward for these pesky invaders.


Tune in to Part II to find out exactly how a specialist can remove and even prevent unwanted wildlife from entering your home.  Keeping your home squirrel free will keep your whole family safe for the holidays, even your great Aunt Martha.

Clay squirrel 2

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