Pest Forecast: What’s Coming Up?

With Spring quickly approaching, are you ready for the threat of termite swarmers? The most destructive pest we encounter is on its way, unfortunately. Termites are responsible for more damage than all natural disasters combined and cause more than $5 billion worth of damage each year.Untitled.png

One question we hear frequently is “How can I tell the difference between an ant and a termite? While it can be difficult to differ between the two, there are a few distinct characteristics that set them apart. You’ll notice in the graphic below that termites have straight antennae, while ant antennae are bent. Termites also have a broad waist while ants are cinched. Termite swarmers and flying ants have wings which are also different in appearance. Termite wings are equal in length and ant wings are unequal.


Termite swarmers are the reproductive caste of a termite colony branching out to form new colonies. These insects can be a scary sight if spotted in your home! They will swarm in groups from anywhere to a few to a few hundred. There are a few key signs to look for that may indicate termite swarming activity. If you notice dirt in odd places in your home, such as around a door frame or windowsill, it could be due to termites building a tube to prepare for swarming.

termite emergence by Cecil Fueston MISD_sm

They will then emerge from that dirt tube and fly or crawl around the area. The lose their wings fairly quickly, so you will start to see them in the areas where the swarmers emerged.

Image result for termite swarmers in a home

Although killing the swarmers will take care of the immediate need, it will not address the bigger issue at hand. If swarmers show up in a home, it’s a pretty good indicator that termites are active elsewhere in the structure. We highly recommend that you call a pest management professional to assess your home and provide an estimate for termite protection. In our region, it’s not if a home will get termites, it’s when.

Take control of your home’s health before it’s attacked! Give us a call or text and ask about our lifetime warranty options. We’d love to partner with you to protect your investment.



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