Bug Story: A gif reinactment

When someone tells you there is a bug in your house:

the office

When you touch an unidentified object and this happens:


When you attempt to catch a giant spider:


When the bug is bigger than you thought:

still bug nope

When you are casually watching a bug cross the floor and then it starts coming toward you:


Watching someone else try to catch the bug:

jack sparrow 2

When someone says there is a bug on you:

kermit 3

When your husband gets home and you need him to kill a huge bug:

husband and wife

When you take a big risk to try and escape the bug:


When you are trying to sleep but you know there is a bug somewhere in the room:

tryin to sleep but there is a bug

When you see a bug in your kitchen:


When you realize that you are outnumbered:

dog with ottersgirl in jeep

When you try to catch the bug:


When you catch it and aren’t sure what to do next:


When you think you are safe and then the bug starts to fly:


When your American Pest Control technician knocks on the door:

big bang

When they tell you that you get free follow-up services with a quarterly program:

baby dancing

When all your bugs are gone and your technician is leaving:


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